Health – Probably The Most Precious Factor For All Of Us

World Health Organization issued a proper meaning of health, it’s thus formulated: “Health is the fact that condition of complete well physically, psychologically and socially and isn’t only lack of disease or infirmity.” Health is a lot more than the lack of disease, physical abnormality and it has a much wider sense, multidimensional, on several levels: physically,psychologically and socially. Therefore, it is of the greater concept, a large horizon, which cannot be separated in the social atmosphere, the socio-economic conditions by which people live and work.

Only society where things are focused on human welfare can offer optimal conditions for that protection and health promotion.

Health ought to be created as a key point in figuring out the complex indisputable fact that you call “quality of existence.”

Around the biological health is dependant on an account balance of body functions, body fluid and chemical composition of body tissue. This excellent balance is continually maintained and controlled with a complex mechanism in entering many factors: chemical, physical, mental, social.

Inside a beautiful speech, an excellent endocrinologist revealed for harmony in a sound body: “Health may be the harmony of functions, as beauty may be the harmony of figures, out of the box the harmony of true goodness and true knowledge is ethical feelings intellectual harmony.”

We have to admit however that between health insurance and sickness, the border may also be hard to determine, included in this you will find transition states or limit (borderline) that may turn imperceptibly inside a condition of disease.

An issue of contemporary medicine, preventive, early recognition is strictly with the most sensitive methods, these states of transition, of morbid states within their biochemical status before reaching the clinical disease.

Around the bio-medical, made remarkable progress in recent decades have permitted a far more thorough exploitation of health. Analysis presently has more options and much more precise fine, which exceeds the most popular appreciation in our senses, to uncover as early abnormal, health deviations. Thus, introduction of recent techniques, non-invasive, make the body to get today’s more and more transparent and accessible exploration morphological finest, with recognition from the tiniest alterations in anatomy: computed tomography, ultrasound, scintigraphy, magnetic resonance etc..

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